Dennis Delano “The Instrument of Nature”

Dennis is an ambitious singer, dancer, songwriter and music producer. He plays several instruments which playing the bass is his favorite. He believes like a wise man ones said, No one can teach you art.

Dennis did the support act of artists like the great American singer Barbara Lynn of the hit song If you should loose me, Kylie Minogue with I should be so lucky and Spinning around, Big John Russel with Hokie Pokie, Never loved a woman, and many more.

At age of 16 years he was offered a record deal at Space Records of the late rock and soul singer Big John Russel. Under this label he came out with his debut single Believe and another track called Intro.

Dennis got his inspiration from legends like Prince and Michael Jackson, there songs are still on his favorite playlist. Do you know that Dennis voice is often compared to the king of pop Michael Jackson? He is the original singer and producer of the 2006 summer hit single Somebody is watching me (Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson). Several producers, like Starzoom with the dance track People Always Told Me, have used the voice of Dennis for various versions of this dance track. He was seen at numerous TV shows which you can find on YouTube.

In June 2020, Dennis composed and produced a dance track called Stay Home Tonight. He was so ambitious and singed it also in the language Hindi, which was a big challenge for him. The adventure continues.

We are still alive…

Dennis Delano

Dennis Delano